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Discover the Power of IV Drip Therapies for Personalised, High-Quality Wellness Solutions. Mobile IV Vitamin Drip service for Bendigo, Echuca, Castlemaine and Kyenton 

Welcome to Your Pathway to Holistic Wellness

At IV Wellness, our mission is to redefine wellness through the transformative power of IV drip therapies. We are dedicated to providing personalised, high quality treatments that empower individuals to optimise their health and vitality. With a commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence, we strive to be the premier destination for those seeking holistic wellness solutions. Our goal is to inspire, and support our client on their journey towards optimal well-being, helping them live their best lives everyday. 

We provide mobile IV Vitamin Drips to Bendigo, Echuca, Castlemaine and Kyenton.
(Bendigo Clinic coming soon) 

About Our Founder

Milly Rooney

With a nursing career spanning six years, three of which were dedicated to hands-on experience in the field, I bring a wealth of expertise to IV Wellness.

My journey began in the realm of pediatric care, where I specialised in providing attentive and specialized support to children. However, it was during my first pregnancy that I experienced severe illness firsthand. This personal struggle ignited within me a passion for innovation in healthcare delivery.

Inspired by my own challenges, I envisioned a more accessible approach to wellness through mobile IV services. At IV Wellness, we’re not just redefining wellness; we’re reshaping the way healthcare is delivered, one drip at a time. 

Let Me Help You on Your Wellness Journey. Book Now and Experience the Transformative Power of IV Drip Therapies. Start Your Path to Optimal Health and Vitality Today.

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